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Like many trends in Beauty, clean formulas, eco packaging and convenient forms stem from consumer demand—and, in many cases, a focus on a wellness life style.

Elizabeth Forsyth, CEO Sheencolor USA, says: “Consumers are educating themselves and becoming more aware of raw materials, ingredient sources and their environmental impact not only in beauty but in food, beverage and lifestyle. The beauty industry responded by developing the ‘clean beauty’ category. Some brands, take it to the next level by offering transparency to their consumers for raw material sourcing and traceability. Brands are either siloing themselves or a collection in order to have the agility to play in this category.”

At WWP, Megan Gunn, marketing manager, comments, “Multi-tasking products and packaging that simplifies beauty routines continue to be a hot trend with today’s very busy lifestyles. In addition, the demand continues to increase as consumers are demanding more sustainable clean formulas as well as eco-alternative packaging options from their brands.”

For instance, Gunn says, “We’re seeing a lot of demand in the lip category for ‘ath-beauty’ lip products and packaging, for easy on-the-go use from the gym to the office. We also see an emerging trend in lip care-treatment based lip products with clean products and sustainable packaging.”

Literal Transparency

For example, Nichols says, “Even the simple finish of transparent packaging which allows consumers to see the color formulation inside makes consumers feel the product is more trustworthy, whilst looking playful and on trend.”

Forsyth, CEO Sheencolor USA, agrees: “Clear lids in packaging to show product, along with eco-friendly options, bioresins and sustainable packaging (recyclable) are all driving the color category in packaging.”

HCP Packaging’s Morgan sees the same trend: “Aesthetically, transparent packaging is a big trend and for Asia, highly decorated designs with metallic finishes, glitter, special labels and intricate foil designs are proving popular.”

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