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Sustainability starts with the material or packaging you choose

Eco-friendly packaging and materials are a recent phenomenon which has become a rapidly growing trend. By finding the right solution for every Cosmetic Bag, Makeup Bags and other cosmetic products need, nothing is wasted and products stay damage-free, reducing the returns that add up in fuel and energy costs to the environment. By shifting to green materials we can meet or anticipate our customer's demands for eco-friendly suppliers. we're on a mission to help you choose the solutions that perfectly answer any application, so you can be confident you're doing your part to protect our environment.

Green Wholesale Tyvek Makeup Bag

Green Wholesale Tyvek Makeup Bag From Classic Packing

Package with the Planet in Mind (Make from green materials & 100% recyclable)

Classic Packing factories designs and manufactures eco-friendly packaging. Our mission is to provide eco-friendly packaging solutions that meet our customers’ aesthetic, environmental and performance goals.Classic Packing help you provide customers Cosmetic Bag, Makeup Bags and other cosmetic packaging products need with excellent quality, Top design and friendly to environment.

High Quality Eco-Material From Classic Packing

High Quality Eco Material Of Our Eco-friendly Wholesale Makeup Bags

Sustainability is part of our DNA

Our core business has a positive environmental impact because our high quality green materials and do not use the hazardous substances. From this starting point, we work with sustainability in terms of both the environment and our business.Through transparency, traceability, high professionalism at all stages of treatment and solid documentation, we also take responsibility for the quality of our eco-friendly materials.

If you have any questions about our recycled Cosmetic Bag, Makeup Bags and other cosmetic packaging products, please Contact us.

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