TPU Eco-friendly Material We Use in Wholesale Cosmetic Bags

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What is TPU Material?

TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) material is a kind of thermoplastic elastomer. Consequently, it's elastic and melt-processable. TPU material is a sort of cube copolymer (contains soft and hard sections ).


TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) can be colored via a range of procedures, and it's also very flexible. This is mainly on account of the makeup of hard and soft sections.


The hard parts are aliphatic. They are generally aromatic, however, the aliphatic hard sections are preferable once the color and clarity retention in vulnerability to the sun is much more important.


How Strong is TPU Material?

TPU material is commonly used in many different items we use every day. Can also be used as an additive to make other materials sturdier. TPU plastic is also hard once it has set and this will allow the manufacturer to use it as a base for other components include polyester, polycaprolactone, and polyether.


Polyester TPU is normally recommended as the base for something that may result in abrasions. Because TPU is stable, it blends better with a material that resists both oil and other chemicals which can produce a more sturdy material.

Polycaprolactone TPU uses toughness, and stability for a stable base when cold temperatures may be an issue. This material is also good for sealants as well.

Polyether TPU is great for any application that requires being underwater. Once set, it can create a durable seal that can handle the stress that comes with the flexing of temperatures.

TPU plastic can also be mixed with other agents and compounds to create a particular look and feel of a case and offer additional features that consumers may be interested in such as biocompatibility, optical clarification, or fire-retardant protection.


Your Reliable Eco-friendly Cosmetic Bag Manufacturer

As the top eco toiletry bags manufacturer, we have 15 years'experience in manufacturing sustainable makeup bags, including ethical cosmetic bags, recycled makeup bags, recycled toiletry bags, eco makeup pouches, etc. There will be 100 new sustainable makeup bags come out every month. At the same time, we work with bags designers from the USA and Europe to keep our reusable cosmetic bags fashion and engaging. 

As the eco cosmetic bags factory, we accept OEM & ODM service, send us your design we can make the real sample in 7 days, put your logo on the bag, made from the natural material cotton, RPET, TPU, linen, etc. Any eco material is no problem for us. Whether you are a wholesaler or a brand, we will help you grow your business fast with quality wholesale eco toiletry pouches and perfect service.

Check out our unique bulk eco makeup bags:



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