Why Use Eco-friendly Makeup Bags For The Holidays

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We still have a while before the holidays are upon us, but taking time to plan now can prove to be an invaluable choice later. Yes, you have been hearing it on the news and from many of your vendors but it is important to listen up and order early this year.



Ordering early, especially when ordering from our custom and bulk lineup, ensures you will have the items you need when you need them without rushing through the design process. Whether you're looking for takeaways for events, holiday gifts (or both), we explain why your business can benefit by our wholesale eco-friendly makeup bags.



There are sure to be in-person as well as virtual events this holiday. Get-togethers are a great way to connect with clients, vendors, employees, and more. Sending everyone home with a gift will help your brand make a lasting connection that is needed for increased sales.


Corporate holiday events require the perfect gift bags like our wholesale recycled makeup bags, as well as great holiday classics like reusable makeup bags and sustainable cosmetic bags for corporate gifting.


These recycled makeup bags are great gifts on their own, but they can also be used as eco-friendly cosmetic bags that can be used long after the holidays end.

Going Green Matters


Eco-friendly makeup bags eliminate the need and use of disposable plastic bags. This matters because disposable bags are very likely to end up in landfills or as litter. Reducing the use of single-use plastic bags also reduces the negative environmental impact of these bags while conserving nonrenewable resources.


Wholesale recycled cosmetic bags represent your brand, but they do so beyond the logo and branding message printed on the front. Selecting a wholesale eco-friendly toiletry bag to promote your business makes a statement. You are letting your customers know that you are serious about environmental issues and you are willing to take a stand while also making it easy for them to make a difference.


Studies have shown that consumers prefer to do business with companies that go green. Even if environmental issues are not a high priority for the individual customer, they appreciate a business is working to make a difference. Going green with your marketing helps the planet while also inspiring your customers to do the same and align with your business.

Custom Wholesale Eco-friendly Makeup Bags


We will help you create something completely and totally custom to fit your holiday corporate gifting needs. Select the style of eco makeup bags from our website, send us your artwork and we can get started. But just remember to order early.


If you want something more custom and unique that speaks specifically to your brand, then you'll want to order from our bulk and custom lineup. Swap out the material, make the gussets a different color, change the length of the handles, add pockets, zippers, and anything else that will make the recycled cosmetic bags represent your vision and your brand.


Custom ordering is a great way to secure something unique, but again, it can take time. Placing an order now ensures you will have your order well before the holiday season so you'll be ready to go once the holiday events start up. And ordering now also means you can avoid the rush as other businesses get their orders in closer to the holidays.

Getting Started


We're passionate about helping the planet and going green. For over a decade we've been helping our customers do the same by creating unique wholesale sustainable makeup bags for tradeshows, corporate events, holiday gifts, and more. Our customers are all over the world. Let's add your business to this list and see how your business benefits.


Contact us at [email protected] to share your project and get started now!

Here are some styles of eco makeup bags we recommend.

wholesale recycled makeup bag

Blank Canvas Eco Makeup Bag

wholesale recycled makeup bag

PP Woven Recycled Makeup Bag

wholesale recycled makeup bag

Tyvek Sustainable Cosmetic Bag

wholesale recycled makeup bag

Sustainable Makeup Bag With Zipper

wholesale recycled makeup bag

Durable Eco-friendly Cosmetic Bag

wholesale recycled makeup bag

Cartoon Eco Makeup Bag

wholesale recycled makeup bag

Recycled Canvas Toiletry Bag

wholesale recycled makeup bag

Wholesale Reusable Makeup Bag

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