2022 Best Dopp Kit Bags

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If your cosmetic bottles fail you, a proper toiletry bag will act as a barrier between the mess and the clothes in your suitcase. The flimsy plastic bags from the store are no better than a dopp kit bag and likely won't make it through your first trip, let alone the next one. You need something that's primed for travel, roomy enough to fit all the essentials, and stylish. It should be spacious, have a wide opening, and be water resistant in case of any accidents. In pursuit of the best options.

Feature of the wholsale leather toiletry bag


Material: Speaking of material, that seems to be the most important thing to consider when buying a wholesale drop kit. Something durable, easy to clean, and water resistant is what you want to look for. You' ll find that many are made from nylon, which is wipe-able in case of spills. It also won't be ruined by sitting on a wet countertop. Leather, silicone, and canvas have these qualities as well, the latter of which is another popular option among our experts. 

The thick material is durable and affordable, and it can also look more distinguished than other common travel dopp kit materials. Like the other fabrics, they can be wiped or spot-cleaned. The material on the inside is just as important. It should be easy to clean and waterproof or resistant as well. For that, nylon or canvas is the way to go.


One thing all the best wholesale mens dopp kit have is either a hook or handle so it can be hung up when you get to your destination. It gives you back some counter space and it ensures your stuff won't be sitting in water all day. It also means you can carry it around easily instead of having to "hold it like a football". Ones with hooks, called hanging dopp kits, take it a step further and allow you to open up the bag while it's hanging, which gives you a full view of all your products. "It unfolds like a mini garment bag and has a little hanger so you can keep your stuff out of the sink,""It makes you feel grown," "without busting your bank".

The last thing to consider is how easy it is to get to your products, which is easiest with a dopp kit that unzips all the way around to lie flat. This is guaranteed with hanging bags, while with others it's a toss-up. Each of the options below either unzips fully or has a wide mouth.

Our Wholesale Dopp kit Bags

Wholesale Travel Dopp Kit

This hanging toiletry bag comes from Classic Packing. You' ll first notice the tough ballistic nylon exterior, which is “crazy durable and easy to clean.” Ballistic nylon was created during World War II and used for military jackets to protect them against shrapnel, so it will definitely hold up against frequent travel. It' s also water resistant, which makes it great wholesale dopp kit material. When you open it up, you' ll find it unzips fully so you can see everything inside. It' s lined with water resistant fabric and has a hidden hook for hanging, you can save counter space while keeping everything accessible. 


This wholesale toiletry bag' s capacity is only 2.5 liters, making it one of the smaller options on this list, but it' s certainly not a mini. It’s “compact” when all zipped up, but “it still manages to fit all your necessities.” It has plenty of compartments, which helps maximize the space. On the outside, there are front and back pockets as well as an exterior toothbrush holder. Inside, there are two zippered pockets and elastic organizers for your toiletry bottles.

Dark Green Wholesale Dopp Bag

Sometimes you have to think outside the box to find the best solution to your problem. Wholesale dopp bag might actually be the best thing for storing your toiletries. The water resistance is serious. This packing cube doesn' t have many compartments, which people actually appreciates. It unzips to lay flat and opens like a hard-shell suitcase: both sides are separated by a mesh zippered partition. One side alone can hold a pair of shoes, so you’d easily be able to stuff all your grooming products as well as clippers or a travel blow dryer in here if you needed to. This wholesale toiletry kit has both a top handle and a daisy chain for clipping it to something else or hanging it from a hook.

wholesale Nylon Dopp Kit

Even though this doesn' t open to lay flat, this wholesale toiletry bag with it' s diagonal zipper that opens all the way around still gives you great access to all the products inside. It' s also designed to have a wide, flat bottom once fully unzipped, meaning it’ll be compact in your suitcase but nice and roomy once set on a counter. The flat bottom also helps it to open up wide and people loves about it. It’s a canvas travel dopp kit meaning it's thick, durable, and affordable making this the cheapest kit. It' s also the most handsome. The olive green and gold zipper are the perfect contrast. This wholesale dopp bag doesn't have a hook or strap, so you will, in fact, have to carry it like a football, but it’s compact and relatively small compared to the above so it shouldn't be annoying to do so.

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